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Showdown looms as Canada truckers ordered to clear key bridge******


Anti-vaccine mandate protesters block the roadway at the Ambassador Bridge border crossing in Windsor Ontario on February 11, 2022.

Truckers snarling a key bridge between Canada and the United States in protest at COVID-19 rules were ordered by a judge to leave Friday night, setting up a potential showdown two weeks into the snowballing protest movement.

The days-long blockade of the Ambassador Bridge that connects Windsor, Ontario and the US city of Detroit, has paralyzed a key North American trade route, piling pressure on Canadian leader Justin Trudeau to resolve the crisis.

A Canadian judge granted an injunction ordering the protesters – estimated to number a few hundred, along with several dozen trucks – to leave the bridge by 7pm (12am GMT), according to Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens.

Authorities are under increasing pressure to crack down on the protests that have paralyzed Ottawa, triggering a state of emergency in Ontario province and copycat demonstrations as far away as France and New Zealand.

Upping the stakes, President Joe Biden on Friday reiterated his "concern" to Trudeau, telling him the blockade of the Ambassador Bridge and two other border crossings was having serious effects on US firms.

The vital Windsor-Detroit bridge is used daily by more than 40,000 people, along with trucks carrying US$323 million worth of goods on average – about one-quarter of all Canada-US trade.

Addressing reporters in Ottawa, Trudeau said all options were "on the table" for ending the protests, though he stressed that calling in the military was a distant final resort, and "something to avoid having to do at all costs."

"This unlawful activity has to end and it will end," the prime minister said, adding that it was up to police to "enforce the law and protect public order."

The Canadian capital has been clogged with hundreds of big rigs for two weeks – as the movement has morphed into a broader protest against pandemic health rules and Trudeau's government.

The days-long blockades have already had significant economic impact, with automakers forced to cut back production on both sides of the border, triggering fears it could undermine Canada's recovery from the pandemic.

In his call with Trudeau, Biden said the movement was impacting US companies and workers with "slowdowns in production, shortened work hours, and plant closures."

State of emergency

Canada's self-styled "Freedom Convoy" began last month in the country's west – launched in anger at requirements that truckers either be vaccinated, or test and isolate, when crossing the US-Canada border.

The premier of Ontario province – the epicenter of the protests – announced a state of emergency on Friday, threatening steep fines of up to C$100,000 (US$80,000) and jail unless protesters end their "illegal occupation."

"To the people of Ottawa under siege, I say we will ensure you're able to resume life and business as soon as possible," said Ontario premier Doug Ford, who like Trudeau has been accused of inaction over the protests.

The Ontario emergency came as a coalition of protesters – an estimated 1,800 vehicles according to a police source – were closing in on Paris after setting off in convoy from across France.

Defying police warnings, the French protesters included opponents of COVID vaccination, but also people angry at fast-rising energy prices – in an echo of the "yellow vest" grievances that sparked widespread protests in 2018 and 2019.

Protesters have likewise set up a makeshift camp outside New Zealand's parliament, scene of violent clashes earlier this week as police sought to clear anti-vaccine demonstrators.

China's logistics demand maintains rapid growth in first three quarters******

BEIJING, Oct. 31 (Xinhua) -- China's logistics demand maintained relatively rapid growth in the first three quarters of 2021, despite the sporadic resurgence of COVID-19 cases, extreme weather conditions and power cuts, according to the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP).。

In the first three quarters of the year, the total value of goods in the logistics sector was 234.5 trillion yuan (about 36.69 trillion U.S. dollars), rising 11.4 percent year on year. The growth was 9.4 percentage points higher than the same period last year, CFLP data shows.。

Logistics demand has generally maintained a recovery momentum since the beginning of the year, with its scale and growth rate higher than the same period before the pandemic, the CFLP said, adding that the sector shows great resilience and vitality.。

The federation has attributed the growth to rising logistics demand from industries and consumption.。

Data also shows that the total cost of logistics amounted to 12.1 trillion yuan during the period, a year-on-year increase of 15 percent.。

The cost was slightly higher than the pre-pandemic level in 2019, showing that upstream and downstream supply chains are still in recovery, the CFLP said.。

However, compared with the same period last year when COVID-19 was spreading rapidly, the efficiency of logistics operations has improved, and the resilience of supply chains has continued to increase, the CFLP noted.。

The CFLP said it expects the total value of goods distributed through logistics in China to grow at around 10 percent for the whole year. Enditem。

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为了提升整体视频观感,厂商对拍摄算法进行了同步升级。比如OPPO Find X3系列、Reno6系列、Reno5系列等手机搭载了AI视频增强功能,开启该功能后会根据拍摄场景自动匹配最佳拍摄模式。iQOO 8 Pro等机型也支持类似的视频增强功能,开启夜景视频模式后,会提升暗光环境视频画面亮度,带来更加丰富的画面细节等。

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除了提升手机拍摄视频的基础体验,手机厂商也推出了不少视频拍摄新功能。今年5月份发布的OPPO Reno6系列,搭载人像视频技术系统,针对人像视频拍摄部分进行了深度定制优化。

OPPO Reno6系列支持人像视频美颜,用户在拍摄视频的时候也可以像拍照一样自行调节美颜效果。除了美颜,OPPO Reno6系列还加入了AI焕采美妆功能,拍摄视频时能够实时上妆。对于经常拍摄人像视频的朋友来说,实时美颜、美妆等功能加入,对人像视频拍摄确实起到不小的提升,随手都能拍出更美的自己。


也有厂商简化了手机LOG视频拍摄流程。近期发布的荣耀Magic3系列支持荣耀Magic-Log视频拍摄。荣耀Magic-Log视频拍摄跟上面提到的LOG视频拍摄类似,除了可以拍摄LOG视频,相机内置8种3D LUT,还能根据场景自动推荐不同风格的3D LUT,很容易就能拍出风格不一样的视频。 

最新发布的iPhone 13系列在视频拍摄上带来了全新的电影效果模式。在专业的电影拍摄中,常常会有焦点转换的运用,通过聚焦在要突出的主体,引导观众视觉重点变化,iPhone 13系列的电影效果模式就能实现这样的效果。

iPhone 13电影模式拍摄

iPhone 13系列在电影效果模式下拍摄,会自动把焦点锁定在拍摄主体上,并且会营造出景深虚化效果。手机还会根据场景主体的变化,在适当时机自动顺畅转换焦点。比如可以在人物转头的瞬间,焦点平滑切换到第二人物主体。可营造出更具电影感的视频效果,让电影级的视频效果变得简单亲民。





西安中考:3月11日至15日报名 6月18日至20日考试******
















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