The raid hailing service of Uber and Lyft turn to Austin legislature once again

As long as the annual Austin gathering for the startup’s company, tech companies, and the innovators ordinarily attract on the latest mode, one of the largest story lines from the South by Southwest festival this week was how hard to the user and it was to get a ride with the service.

Tech media seems off about the service division on the last weekend night, when the two local ride-hailing firms went down for hours with technical problems, discussing with the Texas city where which the set itself apart from the previous year when the Uber and the Left determined to leave the marketplace and had not quite suffused the gap remain by the multi-billion dollar transportation network companies or firms which are shortly called as TNCs.

But the scream over a provisional service disruptions which conceal the higher transportation story which is out of the Austin and therefore the legislation which is brought in the Texas State Legislature by this week and therefore that might aid to bring back the Uber and the Lyft service by making a big dispute for the startups companies and still in the town and menacing an experiment in the independent ride-hailing.

Hearings in the state that makes laws on the earlier of the week Tuesday and therefore argued about the advantage of a series of same bills, all of which would set up the statewide direction and therefore repeal the city ordinance that needs the ride-hailing employees of the service to be fingerprinted that is the why the Uber and the Lyft left the city. In the beginning of the reports that says from the Texas that makes laws which are hearings and it conveys advice the legislators which seem to prefer a more overarching approach to the service.

What speaker says?

Therefore he Uber speaker, Travis Considine, say that their team is aided that the Texas Legislature is taking everything as a statewide solution to the ridesharing service. He also says that the Texas is the prominence of the novelty, but the delay following more than 37 states around the world that they have already moved onward to the statewide ridesharing laws and regulation.

According to the Joe Deshotel, the communications manager of the service with the Ride Austin, a latest producing no profit or gain transportation network company (TNC) that is formed after the great players who are all left the town, the new rules and regulation show a trend in the Texas politics and the pre-emption of liberal laws of the Austin by much more cautious the state legislators. These bills are urged by an army of the lobbyists who are all working for the Uber service and the Lyft service so therefore Texans for the Public Justice and therefore say the firms are now spending a combined 2.3 dollars million on the 40 lobbyists.

The spokesman of the service says that there is a small bit more power for this legislative meeting about the going after the cities. State legislators are loved to defeat the Austin over the head and therefore this is one of the reasons for their move.

Therefore the ride Austin, one of the largest dollar transportation network companies TNCs to come out from last year and it has been growing at an important pace which was said by the Deshotel, in spite of the SXSW hiccup. Since by the launching of the service from nine months before, the firm has called up more than 4,790 drivers which are 98 percent of which are fingerprinted as per the latest Austin rules and regulations, require more than 1.2 million travelers, increased by more than 100,000 dollars for the charity i.e. they donate for something, and now the averages is roughly around 50,000 to 60,000 travels as per the week.

Beginning of the SXSW:

The week ago, during the beginning of the SXSW, the firm ramped up to give 100,000 rides for the riders, and by the end of the week at night at 7 p.m. become cold and rainy weather that night also raised by the demand and the system was beaten. As explained in a firm the Facebook post, a database bug led to the crash of the application, which continues in a state for the five hours. Another competitor with an important market to share the service, make secure, also experienced to a limited disruption for the riders that same night by adding to the confusion of the service.

Therefore the Deshotel says that the place of activity was ripe for the Silicon Valley folks to arrive over and tell us that our city is not engaged because we do not have the Uber or the Lyft service. Therefore it puts the best nature of these folks into the framework. They are early adopters the new stats which can suggest that only 15 percent of the Americans peoples have taken by an Uber service or Lyft service.

The Deshotel says that the SXSW division came at a specific, not appropriate time and therefore when the city was below the focus attention on and with the legislation were about to happen. Ride Austin does not have the amount of money to compete with the Uber service and Lyft service on the lobbying front, so they are making effort to teach information the lawmakers about the problems which was hit with force by the potential legislation. But they will get additional chance to show and therefore they can manage the prime time traffic for this weekend, all along the music portion of the SXSW, when the request that should be even stronger than the laws. For a ride in Austin, it is rare to drive with these two services.

He also says that the people who support a statewide system of the rule which has a defective the argument. They are normally removing the right of the city to control its transportation market for the ride, part of the model of pre-emption hit with force the Austin, and scores of the another blue city in red states of the Austin. That position is shared by the Austin Mayor Steve Adler, who told the Austin Chronicle site that the Austin voters have to chose a system which is promoted the ride-hailing competition and the change which delivered for the safety choices where they wanted. It is working well in the city and therefore the users should be respected normally.

While the Ride Austin argues the laws and rules in their present form that they want to share the data which are needed by the user, therefore he believes that they have an active chance of passing the service. The Uber service and the Lyft service could come again to the city as soon as the month of June. But he feels the firm has more than an aggressive which gives the chance against the great players. As long as many of them which including the Uber speaker Trever Theunissen, argue that the city presently has fewer drivers without the Uber service and the Lyft service in the marketplace, the startup’s companies imply otherwise and therefore they, unlike the Uber service which offers the data to back up their demand. In a central post about the SXSW, Andy Tryba, Ride CEO of Austin which argues about the market which has actually grown during the period.

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