Top 8 Reasons You Should Consider Buying the Tata Tiago

Planning to buy a new car? Here are some strong reasons you should consider investing in the all new Tata Tiago:

1. The Most Beautiful Design By Tata Motors

Although Tiago doesn’t show up as an SUV or integrated with an exaggeratedly aggressive styling, it is a beautiful design that’s appealing to the eye. The new car comes with an innovative design. It comes across with precise proportions and an impressive front-end.

2. Amazing Features

The features of Tiago are definitely a great draw. It comes with a smartphone based Turn-by-Turn navigation app. Another great feature is the Juke-Car app which efficiently connects up-to ten smartphones at one time together. Apart from the traditional features one expects, it offers ABS, dual front airbags, and EBD.

3. Brand New Engines and Efficacy

A line-up of fresh and powerful three-cylinder petrol and diesel engine powers Tiago. For petrol, it is the Revotron 1.2. Revotorq 1.05 powers the diesel version. Both versions come with driving modes viz. Eco and City. When deciding on buying a car, fuel efficiency is a crucial factor to consider. Tiago promises to deliver a remarkable 27.28 kmpl (diesel) figure and 23.84 kmpl for petrol.

4. Value for Money

In this range, Tata is priced, really well starting at 3.2 lakh INR. This is quite less as compared to the direct rivals of the brand. Buyers can choose from 5 different such as XM, XB, XE, XT, and XZ. The top-end XZ is equipped with all features and priced at 4.7 lakh INR (petrol variant) and 5.5 lakh INR (diesel variant). For this price tag, Tiago definitely offers a lot. Hence, it will offer very tough competition to all other established cars surviving within this space.

5. Spacious Interiors

It is good that Tata Motors has thought of offering very spacious interiors. Tiago is a hatchback, which offers more than just good space. You can expect very comfortable seats and a larger boot!

6. Entertainment

The car takes good care of those who wish to keep themselves entertained. It comes with an integrated Harman music system combined with eight speaker output. The car is the best within its segment. According to experts and the latest car news India, this may be the best option for a segment above the present one. The car was designed in a fashion to keep the acoustics of the music system in position. Hence, this will make the music sound better than Zest or Bolt.

7. Fresh Out of the Box

All of the products competing against the Tiago have become outdated which makes it a new-fangled candidate. For all those looking forward to buy the best option, Tiago will come as an advantage. It will be the new amazing thing to have for a long time until anything innovative comes up from the competition.

8. Price

Since Tata Motors will price this car aggressively, it will make the car a superb value for money. Tata will offer many more features as compared to the competition in the market. The best part is that all of this can be expected at a decent price tag.

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