Uber loses the litigation for English Exam for Drivers in London

In the recent past, Uber went to file a lawsuit against the Transportation for London (TFL) for asking drivers to attend the English written exam. There have been a lot of speculations being made against this new rule. It is said that the officials wanted to give the exam if they had not maintained the minimum score in the George Certificate for Secondary Education (GCSE).

There are hundreds of drivers who work under Uber and are from different countries. They belong to the countries where English is not a predominant language and there is no actual necessity for them to know the language to Read, Write and Speak. Asking the drivers to give the English written exam has made Uber file the lawsuit against TFL.

They want this particular written exam request to be blocked, as they are well aware of the fact that, there will be a few thousands of drivers who would be failing to clear the exam in the first place. Drivers with the minimum score in GCSE are lucky, as there is no requirement for them to give this particular test. The drivers who do not possess the minimum score should take this English written test.

This test had to be cleared by the drivers to acquire a license and the ride-hailing felt that this requirement is way too beyond the nominal regulation for obtaining a license. It is true that the company has been facing many different kinds of issues in different parts of the world in regards to the regulations which has to be followed. Each and every city and state has different regulations for the drivers to follow and there are situations where the company is finding it hard to abide by the set regulations.

In a few cases, the company did leave the city, state and even country as well. It was unable to handle the regulations which were imposed on it, last year the company happened to leave China, which led to a huge revenue loss of around 2 billion dollars. Hopefully, Uber will get through this new regulation for the drivers to take the English test to attain the license.

Unfortunately, Uber lost the lawsuit which it filed against TFL, stating that asking the drivers to clear the exam was not actually a necessity for real. The regulators stated that it gives the drivers the opportunity for equality and no discrimination and on the other hand, it is for the security of the customers who ride with Uber.

It is also said that, if this is put in effect for real and made mandatory, then there are possibilities of the drivers losing their jobs in fact. So, over a period of time, it will become a necessity for them learn the language in the first place to be able to hold on to their jobs rather than losing the one which they have. It is the bitter truth of the reality that, it is really hard for anyone to find a job with the growing competition in all the fields of business.

After losing the case against the TFL, it is for sure that the drivers might have to give the test no matter what. In fact, it is a forceful thing for them to know, so it is the time for the drivers to start learning the language for better. They are aware of the fact that, if they are not going to clear the written test, then there are possibilities of not getting a license.

If the drivers are unable to possess a driving license, then it is obvious that they will not be able to drive the cars around the streets of London. This actually comes as big jolt to Uber, as this was least expected to be happening. Once they faced the reality, they did which the something which is they thought it to be best, which is to file a case against TFL.

It did go in vain, as they were unable to win the case and now it is mandatory for the drivers to give the test. The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is glad about the fact that the world-renowned ride-hailing has failed to win the block over the exam. Uber’s advocate Tom le de Mare QC stated that around 70,000 of the applicants will be not clearing the exam.

Apart from this, there is an astounding fact which has been revealed by the court, if this particular exam becomes a mandatory requirement to acquire a license, around 33,000 drivers will be losing their jobs in 3 years from now, which is really huge. On the other hand, the Director of Service Operation for TFL Peter Blake made it clear that this is required for the safety of the customers.

He is glad about the judgment which has been approved on their fair and this will ensure the fact that the drivers for whom the license is approved will be possessing the right level for their knowledge for English and it helps them to have the customers to be safe. But, the analysts are not happy with this new change with the regulations.

They say that the exam is impractical and it might lead to bigotry, which will not be a healthy impact on the drivers. There are thousands of drivers out there who do not belong to the country but have moved place to earn their livelihoods. They would have never expected that they will get to see this kind of change in their life, a requirement to be fulfilled to stick on to their jobs.

It is true that things are changing and people are upgrading to the changes which are occurring around them. But, asking someone to be qualified enough to know the language just to get an access to the driving license doesn’t seem to be really appealing. The only thing the person who needs to know is to drive the car and they need to be safe on the roads when they are driving and abide by the traffic rules, these are the only most required and mandatory things for a person to attain the license to drive.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with TFL and they have brought in this new kind of condition. The court has looked into the terms and has identified that there is a requirement for the riders to contact the ride-hailing companies if they are caught up in any kind of emergencies. In the initial stages, it is said that the regulators wanted to test the drivers who do not come from a country where English is predominant.

The changes in regulations have been made to make sure that the riders are safe and there are not in any kind of emergency situations. It is undeniable fact that in the past in a few incidents where the riders have been affected while traveling with Uber and it has led to a lot of speculations. In the recent times, the ride-hailing company has been undergoing a lot of trouble from all the corners. It is evident that Uber is struggling to get over with all the issues and make it better with its service. Unfortunately, Uber has lost, TFL has won and there no other goes for the drivers, but to give the exam to have their jobs. Fingers crossed!!!

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