Why should You Prefer GBWhatsApp Instead of WhatsApp?

Nowadays people love using WhatsApp. They spend a lot of time in sending messages and videos but still, there is a need for some more functions which they want in these apps. But no worries now, as GBWhatsApp has been launched which gives more fabulous functions. The standard version of WhatsApp is available for download for Android, iOS, windows and for other devices. The main version is a channel and beta testing version but another side GBWhatsApp is not available on Google Play Store and can be downloaded from websites as an APK file. There are also so many exclusive features added in GBWhatsApp. There’s a lot to talk about GBWhatsApp as it is considerably different from official WhatsApp.

How GBWhatsApp different from WhatsApp?

  • You can enjoy adding lengthy quotes on your status because GB WhatsApp allows you to write on your status. It allows 250 characters instead of 139 characters. You can also easily share big quotes on you Whatsapp status.
  • GBWhatsApp also have the functions to hide your last seen from stalkers. If you hide last seen it automatically hides last seen of your all contacts as well but when using GBWhatsApp you can hide last seen only of selected contacts that you don’t want to show. It will show last seen to others when you will turn on your status notification. You can get this feature in privacy settings.
  • GBWhatsApp provides you an extra benefit of blocking unwanted audios and video calls whereas in the original version blocking is limited to contacts. There are also options for maintaining the size and quality of images and videos.
  • GBWhatsApp has introduced functions which allow users to hide ticks means those who send you messages will not be able to see whether you have read their message or not, they will be able to see the messages only which they have delivered. This we can say is the outstanding feature.
  • This modified version has taken a step ahead and allows you to hide the seen ticks too. This means that sender will think either information has reached to you or not which actually you have read. By WhatsApp, you can share 10 photos at the same time, whereas GBwhatsapp gives you the potential to share 90 images at one time. It is quite a good feature for the selfie addicted women.
  • Whatsapp standard version allows you to share videos up to 16MB. Where GBwhatsapp allows you to send videos to 30MB. Now you can relish by sharing big videos with your friends and relatives.
  • You can traverse millions of themes from their theme store. You can customize your app appearance. You can change the theme whenever wherever. This highest admirable feature by the GBWhatsApp users, because now you can schedule the messages, all you need is to set the time and it will be sent to the recipient at the same time which you have set. Now you need not to awake whole night to wish your friends.
  • Last but considerably not the least you can run multiple accounts at the same time means more than one account. It’s like a dream come true. You can keep one of the accounts for your business purpose and another account for your personal use.

Even both the apps are appreciable, it depends how you want things to be. Just imagine how efficient this app would be when you get things done quickly. At last, it can be concluded that both apps are somewhere same in terms of installation, sending and receiving messages. The only difference is the additional functions and features provided by GBWhatsApp.

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