The World Blind Union And Its Visionary Workings


An overview of the World Blind Union

An organization working for the welfare of the blind the World Blind Union also known as the WBU works for the betterment of the 253 million blinds and people with partial seeing abilities in all through the 190 countries who are the members of this union board. The main aim of the board is to raise awareness among the people regarding the concerns of the blind, giving them equal status and better living quality along with raising the issues suffered by the blinds in front of the international committees and welfare boards.

Under the effect of this union board, all the participant nations and their respective organizations come together to enhance the lifestyle and the living conditions of the people who are blind or have partial visions. The organization has been divided into 6 regions wherein every region has its own president and the volunteer team that helps with giving assistance to the charity work.

History and the working structure of WBU

This organization was founded in 1984 through the works of the International Federation of the Blind and along with it the World Council for the welfare of the Blind. The first founding assembly of this union was placed in Riyadh of Saudi Arabia. Since then another 8 assemblies have taken place subsequently at different places like Madrid, Toronto, Melbourne, Cape Town, Geneva, Bangkok, Orlando, and many other places.

Visionaries of WBU

The union works under the pyramid strategy wherein the top strata goal of the organization is to bring about the best changes they can in the society for the appreciation towards blind and people with partial sight. A plan of 4 years is devised in order to take the necessary steps for the betterment and welfare of the blind.

A glance at the visionary is:

  • To be cast as the authentic voice of the blind and the people with partial sight at both individual and international levels.
  • Making capabilities in order to be able to deliver member lead programs.
  • Making various aspects easily accessible for the hindrance free working of the daily utility needs of the blind and the partially sighted.
  • Making WBU a source of all sort information of everything that comes up in relation to the question of blind or the partially sighted. In other words, making WBU the one shop stop for everything related to the questions involving vision impairment.

Working of the union

The main aim of the union is to make the world a more happy, accessible and better place for the people who are blind or have partial sight. To make this dream come true various steps have to be taken in order to deal with different challenges that come up in the process.

Most of the time a committee is set up to carry out the various plans that have been set up for each of the four years wherein the committees take care of the smooth functioning of the orders in order to go a step closer to the completion of the short term goals.

In all the six regions the actions are undertaken and the responsibilities to various initiatives are hence given to the committee members and the work henceforth is carried out and various issues are tackled and controlled.


In order to conclude it can be said that the WBU Full form, World Blind Union is an organization that wants to work for the betterment of the blind in order to help them access various aspects of life and easily work on the day to day commodities. The organization has also taken various steps in order to proceed in the directions and hopes to prosper in their good deeds for the good cause.

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