10 Best Ways to Keep Fresh Atta Biscuits & Kaju Pista Cookies

Having stale cookies is a crime! There can be nothing worse than a stale cookie for those who love to munch on it. So what is the secret to keep cookies fresh for long?

The trick is to learn the best ways to store cookies. Listed below are some of the best tips and tricks to keep cookies fresh and crisp:

1. The Right Temperature

Storage temperature definitely matters. Since cool air can dry these yummy treats out and spoil the taste, it is better to stick to room temp when storing it.

2. Appropriate Container

Make sure you use the right storage contain for your favorite cookies. Cookie jars are the best option. Glass jars will keep your cookies fresh for a long time.

3. Airtight is the Right Choice

If you are storing soft cookies, make sure you store them in airtight containers. These are also great for atta biscuits cookies and drop cookies.

4. Separate Containers

If you want to store different types of cookies, make sure you have separate containers. This is important because cookies have a tendency to absorb each other’s flavors. This mix and match may not go well with the flavors.

5. Allow your Cookies to Breathe

It is important that your crisp fresh cookies get some air. This will help them retain their crunch. You may either store the cookies in bags with tiny holes or a cookie glass jar with loose lid. If you wish to store these in an airtight container, make sure the lid is not sealed.

6. The Cookie Type

Each cookie is different. So when you store cookies, know the type. For instance atta biscuits cookies in Delhi can be stored in air tight containers. Bar cookies must be stored in the same container they were baked in. For gifting cookies, go for metal containers. Softer cookies are best stored in airtight containers. On the other hand, crunchy or harder versions must go into easy-to-open containers.

7. Avoid Humidity

Moisture is harmful for cookies. It can make them limp. Store these in airtight containers. You can even toss a piece of bread in with the cookies. This will help absorb any excess moisture. Another trick to re-crisp the cookie is to bake at 300 degree F in oven for a few minutes (on a wire rack).

8. Ziploc Bag

Butter flour or Kaju Pista cookies in delhi cookies can be stored fresh for around 2-3 months once they are shipped overseas. All you need to do is place them in a Ziploc bag. Thereafter, place them inside the refrigerator. Microwave them once you wish to eat.

9. Recycle Old Chips Containers

Did you know the cylindrical chip containers are the best choice for storing cookies? These are available in right diameter for cookies. So once you are finished with chips, wash the container. Now stack the preferred cookies in each canister. In case, you want give these away as gifts, simply use wrapping paper to cover the exterior of container.

10. Freezing Cookies

This can be tricky. Since all types of cookies cannot be put into freezer and then thawed, you need to speak to the seller or manufacturer to get the details. They will give you instructions on the best way to freeze these treats, thaw, and re-freeze them without affecting their taste.

Keeping cookies fresh and crisp for a long time isn’t difficult. All you need to do is follow the above listed tips. This will help you maintain the flavor, crispiness, and freshness of cookies.

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