AdWords Expand Text Ads with Second Description line test

Last time when Google AdWords expand their text ad, and increase their text ad description limt from 35 to 80 character, and you think this is enuf space to tell about your business, so you could soon be seeing one more 80 character description on you text ad.

Valerio Celletti noticed the one more description line in text ad and this is noticed in this week at US account. The extra alternate line also has an 80 character limit.

Currently we have not information provided on this Additional description (option).

Two days ago, celletti start testing of second description line in ads, celletti says, CTR on our ads with extra description slightly lower then old ad. But he’s continuing to test.

Spokesperson of Google told the Search Engine Land about this test, that “Google is incessantly testing out new features and product to improve experience of advertiser and user.

Since their introduction a year ago, the guarantee of ETAs has been higher CTR. A few reports have indicated blended outcomes on that front. We’ll need to hold up to perceive how far this test to add considerably more land to content promotions gets. It will come down to CTR lifts.

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