Google AdWords: 3 New Cross-Device Attribution Reports

Google is start showing three new cross-device activities in reports, along with a changes in the Attribution section in the Tools menu in Google AdWords.

In the US six out of 10 online conversions starting on one device & ending on another device, the new reports are designed to track cross-device conversion paths, including those that feature search ad clicks from more than one device in a conversion path.

The new cross-device activity reports:

  • Devices: an overview of the cross-device activity in your account.
  • Assisting Devices: shows assist levels and values by each device type — mobile, tablet, desktop.
  • Device Paths: the top conversion paths for visitors who used more than one device before converting.

You will notice in the screen show above that existing conversion, path & Click analysis reports are now rolled up under the own sections in the Attribution reporting menu. The new reports & layout will be rolling out the next several weeks.

With this declaration, Google also released benchmarks on cross-device conversion activity for search campaigns in the United States, Germany, Japan & Great Britain.

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