Google Expended Text Ads Limit and Change in Device Biding

Expanded text ads rollout begins

Google has now officially launched expended text ads. The long text ads with double headlines and each headline limit is 30 characters, so now people have more words to specify about their business. The description limit also increase, in the old layout, we have two description with the 35 character limit for each, but now we have a 80 character limit in one description, so now there also you can tell about your business easily in one line. Google have also increase character limit of Display URL, now you can show your website URL in Subdomain (example: The extra character was especially designed to give more information to mobile users, and cited and average CTR bump of 20% in early tests.

Separate device bidding is here

Advertisers can now start setting base bid adjustments for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop, google has clarified that this roll out is going to start a few months to get to all accounts.

Google is pushing its automated bidding tools, now down the umbrella of Smart Bidding, and advertisers will not go back to separating their campaigns by device. Automated bidding will early take advantage of the device separation as well, at the beginning with the merit to set Target CPA by device.

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