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Cultural China: Filial piety stories in woodblock painting remain popular******

TIANJIN, Oct. 21 (Xinhua) -- Huo Qingshun is highly familiar with the Yangliuqing woodblock prints displayed in a gallery in north China's Tianjin Municipality, as he is not only an inheritor of the centuries-old craftsmanship but also knows very well morals of the stories described in the artworks.

The Yangliuqing woodblock painting was one of the most popular forms of New Year decorations in China, which flourished in Tianjin and the surrounding areas during a period between the late Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and the early Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

The printings contain abundant themes and content, especially traditional Chinese virtues such as filial piety, harmony and benevolence. Many of these stories described in these prints usually remain widely read and promoted in China today.

One idiom, named "Shan Zhen Wen Qin," tells that Huang Xiang, whose mother died when he was nine years old, did his best to take care of his father. During the hot summer, the young boy cooled his father's bed with a fan, and when the weather turned cold in winter, he warmed his father's quilts with his body.

When Huang grew up, he became a government official. He even gave everything he had, salary and property, to save people affected by floods.

Another printing, "Qi Guan Xun Mu," depicts that Zhu Shouchang of the Song Dynasty (960-1279) did not see his mother for 50 years as his father's first wife envied his mother and drove her out, when he was seven.

During the 50 years, Zhu missed his mother all the time and looked for her wherever he went. Zhu finally decided to give up his official position to search for his mother. After going through all the hardships, he finally found her when she was in her 70s.

"Those stories are among the 24 Filial Exemplars, a classic text of Confucian filial piety passing on since the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), showing the filial piety, a traditional virtue that has been highly valued by the Chinese by generations," Huo said.

"I was obsessed with my father's pictures since I was a child, and what attracted me more were the stories behind the pictures. I always looked forward to my father telling me," recalled Huo, who was born in 1950 and began to learn Yangliuqing woodblock prints from his father at the age of five.

"I gradually fully understood the profound meanings of the stories as I got older, which have also had a positive influence on my life," Huo said.

As an inheritor of Yangliuqing woodblock prints, Huo works with the gallery to pass on the craftsmanship.

"From Huo's introduction, I got to know the ancient artworks and the profound cultural connotations, which taught me to promote filial piety, respect and love my parents," said Peng Yudan, a visitor who visited the gallery.

As China has entered an aging society, the forms of filial piety are changing. Among some popular filial exemplars spreading on the Internet today, people are asked to call their parents every week, visit parents with their children often, buy insurance for parents, as well as teach parents to use computers or cellphones. Enditem

Georgian PM signs application for EU membership******

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on Thursday signed the application for European Union membership on behalf of the country, calling it a "historic day" in his address to citizens.

"It is a historic day for Georgia. Application for EU Membership is yet another milestone on the path of European integration of Georgia," said Garibashvili, stressing that the accession of Georgia into a common European family has been a long dream for Georgian people.

The Prime Minster's move follows Wednesday's statement by Irakli Kobakhidze, the ruling Georgian Dream party chairman, that the country will "immediately" apply for fast-track EU membership.

The application will soon be submitted to the EU, according to the Georgian official.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Monday also signed an official appeal for the European Union asking for an accession of Ukraine via a new special procedure.

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接种新冠病毒疫苗提升针后 抗体水平能达原先的10******


  在铜川市新区铁诺社区卫生服务站预防接种医院门诊,群众注射新冠病毒预苗提升针。  赵杨博摄。


   疫苗接种后,预苗的免疫力维护功能会随时间流逝慢慢变弱。为保持免疫能力,必须 按照不同的预苗的免疫力特点适度开展再度注射,这就是加强免疫。





  提升针安全性合理 人民群众必须注射。

  为何要开展新冠病毒预苗加强免疫?权威专家表明,疫苗接种后,预苗的免疫力维护功能会随时间流逝慢慢变弱。为保持免疫能力,必须 按照不同的预苗的免疫力特点适度开展再度注射,这就是加强免疫。目前,活疫苗全过程注射两剂次能,身体抗原水准有一定的降低,需再开展一剂次注射。此次加强免疫的另一半为18岁及之上,已注射国药集团中生成都公司,北京科兴中维企业,国药集团中生武汉公司的活疫苗且顺利完成全过程免疫力,或注射副流感病毒媒介预苗满6个月的群体,正常情况下应用已注射过的原预苗开展加强免疫。应用同一种活疫苗进行两剂次注射的群体,正常情况下应用原活疫苗开展一剂次加强免疫。应用不一样活疫苗进行两剂次注射的群体,正常情况下优先选择应用与第二剂次活疫苗同样的狂犬疫苗开展一剂次加强免疫;如遇第二剂次同样预苗没法再次供货等状况,可运用与第一剂次活疫苗同样的狂犬疫苗开展一剂次加强免疫。注射副流感病毒媒介预苗满6个月的,能够应用原预苗开展一剂次加强免疫。



  假如注射的是三注射剂预苗,那第三针是不是就可以被称作提升针?权威专家确立,提升针并不等于三注射剂预苗。提升针就是指群体在完成了规范免疫力程序流程后,早已形成了极强的维护力,可是过去了1年或更长期,因为身体内抗原的慢慢衰减系数,必须 再提升注射一针,以提高身体内的特异性免疫,保持针对病症的维护力。三注射剂预苗就是指全过程打三针的预苗,原来预苗的规范注射程序流程必须 三针才可以造成充足的免疫力维护力,假如只打两针,并沒有进行注射,一般不可以造成大量高的防御性抗原。现阶段,在中国发售的安徽省智龙飞科马生物医药有限责任公司生产制造的资产重组新冠预苗(CHO体细胞)便是三注射剂预苗,而国药集团中生成都公司,国药集团中生武汉公司,北京科兴中维企业生产制造的活疫苗全过程是两针。

  注射提升针必须 什么办理手续。


  严苛防止禁忌。假如注射后产生过敏症状,无论是第一针或是第二针,做为忌讳目标,不会再注射提升针。注射后,按照规定留观30分鐘,维持注射部分肌肤的清理,防止拿手搔抓注射位置。如产生疑是副作用,应汇报注射企业,必须 时立即就诊。




陕西今年将新建改扩建4条高速公路 有序实施30户以上自然村通硬化路******










美媒:特朗普律师曾签署声明 称所有机密材料已归还

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4.掘金队记:今年的圣诞大战 掘金将在主场对阵太阳

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