5 Advanced Link Building Strategies that are Underestimated

With constantly evolving online marketing, it has become important for online marketers come up with brand new challenging ideas. Thinking outside of the box is also crucial. Listed below are 10 most powerful and advanced link building strategies many SEO experts haven’t used:

1. Link Bait

This is definitely the primary strategy for attracting high quality backlinks. The technique is oriented towards creating well-researched and implemented content. This may be available in different types such as video, infographics, or a blog entry comprising of real value to attract individual or other websites to link to it. The technique can be accomplished in a few very simple steps. First, you must get into a thorough research on topic and sites that would be interested in sharing your content. Next, you must write or create the content. Effective and successful link bait is intended towards educating. Relevance and proper focus with a goal will only exceed readers’ expectations. Once the content goes live, it is time to reach out to your prospects. This can be through email or social media sites. You need to request if they will share your content. Promotion of content is also very important. This can be done via relevant topics on forums, Q&A sites, and even sharing content with social media or bookmarking network.

Link bait tends to generate more natural links. It dramatically increases traffic and visibility of your website. Materials of link bait will also attract high keyword rankings on SERPs.

2. Link Magnetism

You need to be a link magnet. This is a modern link building principle that focusses on triggering emotions and requirements from targeted audience. This is undertaken by giving incentives for acquiring links. In order to be a link magnet, it is crucial that you dig deeper and be as creative as possible to acquire more knowledge about niche industry. Hence, it is crucial that you look for specific requirements of your marketplace. Any solution should be developed by giving it away as a reward to anyone who links to you. When it comes to link magnetism, brand identity has a huge role to play. Since it is the simplest way to draw attention, you can easily extract benefits from it. You should focus on being useful to your community. You may focus on grabbing almost thousands of automated links (naturally) without making a lot of efforts.

3. Widget Bait

Creating widget or sponsoring one is a good way to establish very high quality external links sitewide. It is not easy to be creative and conceptualize one. This is because most new site gadgets are being launched on a monthly basis. Motivating people to get your application works well. This depends heavily on its overall use or the benefit the companies derive from it. This may be in a form of blog ranking, networked blogs, or just constructive tools facilitating blog improvement. The process can ensure many hundreds of external links from a single site.

4. Curation

Assembling contents and posts from various related websites, including topics complementing one’s own site has been a hot favourite tip among most online marketing and SEO experts. Apart from generating traffic and links, curation also facilitates building stronger relationships, enhancing site’s readership, and capturing the attention of the who’s who of your niche industry. The technique offers immense benefits and expands your chances of capturing highly relevant links from all of the authority websites and social media platforms of influential personalities. Curation attract links without any difficulty, dramatically increase subscribers, develops relationships, and much more. The best part is that it is easier to write these roundup posts.

5. Ebook Bait

The technique is known to be the best for acquiring links, especially from your toughest competitors! All you require doing is create a highly resourceful, unbiased and premium quality ebook. This works really well for eCommerce websites in creating price lists and definitions. Here, you can hide links that point to your websites or product pages within the content. This depends on the overall quality of content and its value. The competitors would not like to fetch this content when it appears as its source.

Once the content is ready, you can submit ebook to different PDF directories. This will be seen naturally by your competitors. When you hide your link to PDF, your ebook will become a resource to competitors. They will most probably upload it on their websites. PDF format makes it clear that the ebook is solely for information purpose and not for promotional or advertising purposes (for a brand and website). Here, you own this ebook and shared it through directories. It is not shared or offered directly to your competitors.

This technique has higher chances of acquiring links from top competitors (.gov, .edu sites) without them knowing it. The best part is that it’s not blackhat! Additionally, you will attract links from many other PDF directories.

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