7 Technical SEO Checklist That You Should Use In 2017

There are many other ways which can help you to make your site technically perfect. This article help you to focus on the SEO checklist that You should remember in 2017. Some techniques old and some are new.

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In 2016, there has a lot of SEO techniques. This was indeed called SEO Makeup. After crawling & indexing search engine only technical SEO is the best way to improve your website search engine ranking.

In this post, I will tell you about some important step of SEO techniques for Success in 2017.

7 Best Technical SEO Checklist That Should You Need to Remember in 2017

1. Check indexing of your website Pages: Indexing is the first step which told you, how much your website pages indexed by search engine. You can check your website by entering site:domain.com in direct search engine or you can search on SEO Auditor.

2. Stop indexing of Pages with no SEO value: there are one or many other pages on every website with no SEO value like privacy policy, term and condition etc. In easy words there have not value in term of SEO, so start indexing your web pages without time wasting.

3. Remove duplicate pages: Duplicate website content and page is very perilous. So check your website and delete all duplicate pages and content immediately.

4. Keep update your sitemap: Sitemap tells the search engine about your website pages, structure and help to uploading new content very fast. I know that you already know about sitemap importance. XML sitemap should be updated whenever you upload new content on your website

5. Check Internal Links & Repair Broken links: First step of on Page SEO is Audit Internal Linking of website. So check your site and if you found any broken links on website then repair that links as soon as possible. Because it wounds your site indirectly, and also the crucial part in period of your site ranking.

6. Improve your website loading time: As you know, loading time is play very important part on improve website ranking, if your website loading time is too lazy then it impact on website ranking. If your website loading fast then search engine gives importance to your website. You can check your website loading time on Google Page Speed Tool

7. Get mobile friendly: Now Google gives importance on indexing mobile friendly web pages first as weighed to the desktop version. So mobile friendly website is very crucial part of search engine ranking. Because it determines the overall website ranking.

Google Mobile Friendly Test Tool is best tool check your website pages for mobile friendliness.

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