How to use Google reverse picture search on your mobile phone

A few years ago searching was limited to text hence whatever we wrote voice search and that was the only source we had if we wanted to search for anything. This made it difficult to search stuff which we did not know about. The easiest example of this would be a cool wallpaper of a sports car, which as a kid You really like but you didn’t know the name of its company or the car. So unless someone told you some information related to it are you saw something similar on the internet it was nearly impossible to search it without any information.

Where Technology is developing rapidly they have also been technological advancements in how we do daily simple things such as searching stuff on a search engine like Google. Photo lookup tool has been developed by many companies now. This new type of searching has a lot of potential opening Gates to new possibilities.

However, the just sad thing is there is still a lot majority which is unknown to this facility that big search engine like Google is offering.

Google reverse image tool helps you search an image to find similar results of pictures and information related to the picture you upload onto the search by which you can do it by dragging the picture onto the search bar or by browsing it through the directory and manually uploading it. Then instantly the photo search tool will well show you similar results and the same picture and different sizes.

This tool undoubtedly has a lot of potentials. A journalist can use this image search to research about a particular picture when it was first published on the internet and other information about it, photographers can use this image search 2 search their image on the internet check if anyone else is using their content without permission.

How to use it on the cell phone

Reverse image search is very useful tool horrible the only drawback to it is that you can only access it on a desktop it is not compatible with cell phones and tablets. So take for example a friend sent you a picture on Facebook or WhatsApp and you would like to verify it then you would have to first transfer the picture somehow to the desktop so that you can verify it.

However, you can use browsers which give you a desktop mode for the browser which will actually act as if the search engine is being accessed through a desktop. You can then upload the picture through your gallery search on the photo lookup tool to find similar images.

There are also apps available which render and act as if the search engine is being accessed from the desktop these apps also provide more access like you can upload images from Cloud storages such as Dropbox or you can directly capture an image and search it up or the simplest of all, uploading an image from the gallery.

The simplest way or in other words the most original way to do it is by accessing Google Chrome settings and changing web settings to show the websites in desktop versions this way when you open the reverse image tool of Google it will show up as a desktop site.


Image finder tool is a really good too with a lot of potentials and you can get around it honour smartphone with some gimmicks but you will only see it fully and action when you use through a desktop it really gives out all the information and it’s also easy to use since using the desktop versions of websites on cell phone can rather get irritating at times because you always have to maximize on stuff.

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