5 Ways to use Instagram to boost your business sales

With over 600 million active users Instagram is a platform is more than a fun photo-based app. Users scrolling down their feed, liking and commenting on the picture can even help in promoting your business. Instagram is a platform often ignored by businesses to consider while promoting their brand. However, it’s an effective app that’s playing a major role in enhancing the business. Since people are getting brand conscious these days they tend to keep a follow up with their favorite brands through social media which can connect the business with its audience and grow brand awareness.

As a marketer, your social media strategy should be to make an online appearance on the popular social media platforms and make it worthwhile to yield favorable results. Regardless of the size a business there are ways that a marketer can implement in an Instagram marketing strategy to achieve its goals.

Here are some tips that you can use.

Set up your official account

When you plan on making an appearance, make sure your personal account is different than your official account. Note that you have to publish images, videos, GIF’s related to your business which is relevant to your customer needs to generate sales. You should keep updating your online business presence for great customer service.

1) Share Images wisely

To begin with using Instagram, you share the images you want to post of your brand. On Instagram, it’s essential to post attractive images to catch viewer’s eye to increase the followership. Visual images have the power to increase exposure and effectively improve your productivity. Make sure the pictures you post are consistent as well. The little thumbnail should be striking to get a click on it. Moreover, the pictures posted on your account should directly target your audience as it can create relevancy and bring positive response from the users to make a purchase and become potential customer.

2) Add trending Hashtags

Hashtag is the key to enhance your Instagram views. They’re a must, it not only enhances exposure but it opens door to create a large audience and build good connections. Before putting up a hashtag you need to search the tags that fit right with your post in terms of your keyword. Then you need to select popular hashtags that have a good number of views. You can use two to three hashtags for any image. Don’t overuse it otherwise your image will be considered as spam. You can even use tools that provide you details about top trending tags in your niche. The right hashtags will help you gain maximum views in less time.

3) Update your Instagram Stories

One way of increasing follower’s engagement is to post Instagram stories on your account. The recent addition of Instagram stories is a great initiative to keep your follower engaged. Staying active on your account is what is required. Posting a picture after once in a while isn’t enough. Instagram lets you post a picture or a video on your story with fun features including hashtags and poll option. The new addition poll lets you take a view of viewer’s feedback. Businesses can even go live to deliver their message out there, this will make them stand out from the competitors.

4) Create a captivating profile and Bio

People come to your profile and willingly stay if they find an attractive bio and appealing profile. This is the first step to gaining a follower and convincing the viewer that you’re capable of something. Including your business details and description is needed when it comes to making a winning profile. Craft a bio that’s short and unique enough to appeal the IG community.

5) Find the best time to post

If you’re a business that demands huge visibility then you need to take time into consideration. You need to know when to post your image that will help enhance visibility and engagement with the followers. It might be a difficult process to find the right time to post therefore there are certain tools like Buffer and CoSchedule that will tell you about the number of online users and you can post your content accordingly.

Instagram is a super effective app to grow your business, enhance visibility and generate leads. Over the recent years, Instagram has proved to be a valuable platform for a business especially in creating depth connections with the customers and prospects.

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Nancy Lamas is a content marketer at a top leading Online marketing company in Singapore. She’s into marketing and writing for over 7 years in the digital marketing companies. She has helped business with providing marketing strategies to grow their business.

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