6 Brilliant Ways to Promote Your Products on Social Media

So you have been on social media for some time building brand value. Great! But have you focussed on efforts that promote your products on diverse social platforms? This is possible. All you need to do is employ a well strategized approach. Adding uniqueness and consistency is very important. Listed below are some of the best ways to promote your products on social media”

1. Contests Help

Holding a contest makes for a great way to promote products. The best part is that you can do it without being too pushy. Contents help with enthusiastic participation and awareness among target audience. You can also generate leads and sales. Keep these simple, straight and perky to derive desired fresults.

2. Social Proof

It serves as an influence for promoting products to target audience in a good light. Here, testimonials and reviews coming from your own clients advocate products / services you sell. User-generated content displaying’s customer satisfaction and loyalty will help you say a lot of good things about your brand without being too pushy. The process promotes products and instils ample trust in them. The very fact that your products have already been used it works for them will create a positive impact about you and your brand.

3. Deals

This is yet another amazing way to promote products to your customers. They wouldn’t mind it at all as they feel they are receiving special treatment. It also makes them know the deal cannot be found elsewhere. You must keep providing varied deals and offers to your consumers on social networks. This stirs excitement among clients and improve sales. Announcing deals and promotions is the best way to bring your product into limelight.

4. Import Online Store to Facebook Page

Facebook business pages help connecting with audience and ensure effective promotion of products and events. It is also possible to feature your ecommerce page directly on Facebook page. All you need to do is use StoreYa app for Facebook. The WooCommerce Shop to Facebook plugin of StoreYa is compatible with thirty ecommerce platforms including eBay, Etsy, Magento, and many others. To get started, simply open WordPress dashboard. Now click on the tab – ‘Plugins’. Also add a new WordPress plugin from the Plugins tab. Thereafter, you should search for WooCommerce Shop to Facebook plugin. Choose and activate the WooCommerce Shop to Facebook plugin.

Once the plugin is installed, it appears in Installed Plugins section of WordPress. When WooCommerce Shop to Facebook appears right under Installed Plugins, it is an indication that the plugin is activated. The next step is to click the WooCommerce tab available in the left sidebar. Click Settings.

Now you will be prompted to go to homepage of ‘StoreYa’. Click on Connect Facebook Fan Page. You need to make sure the store is connected to Facebook once it is imported through app. Here, you’ll see the – Import your WordPress Store Onto Facebook page. You may also add other ecommerce stores of your choice such as eBay, Etsy etc. All you need to do is click on ‘Choose Another Import Solution’.

Now paste your ecommerce store URL in the field. Click on ‘Continue’. You should type in URL of your ecommerce page to connect your store to Facebook. Thereafter, wait a few seconds and allow the page to load. Now click on the green ‘Preview’ button.

Here, you will be taken back to StoreYa and recieve a confirmation message saying:

“Well done! Your Facebook store is ready.”

Click on the button – ‘Visit Facebook Store’. This lets you know what and how your store looks like.
Now browse new Facebook store to see if everything was imported correctly.

One of the best features of this app is that it imports all of your categories. Hence, products remain in the same hierarchy as in the ecommerce site.

5. Pinterest Showcase for your Products

Showcase is one of Pinterest’s most powerful business features. It functions as virtual storefront for business. Owners can use rotating gallery to display their best products. These can also be updated without much hassles.

You can set up a showcase for Pinterest business page by click red Add button on your page right above ‘Build Your Showcase’. You will get to see ‘Edit Showcase’ window. It has 5 slots for adding featured boards. Now choose boards you wish to feature. Once you select featured boards, click ‘Save’. This will bring you back to homepage. Here, you can have a look at the newly created showcase. The pages look more professional.

The best part of the Showcase feature is that you can change and adapt it at any time depending on your business goals. As always, it’s a smart idea to test the type of content you post and the frequency of your posts to see how your customers best respond.

6. Snapchat with Clients

Most of the Snapchat ads appear between friends’ stories. These are reserved for big shot brands holding large budgets for advertising. For businesses without ample resources in hand or yet to build brand recognition, Snapchat stories make for a free strategic channel. It helps promote ecommerce businesses.

You can post a holiday-themed Snapchat story that engages viewers and generate brand interest without being too pushy or promotional. Create a well-planned Snapchat story that illustrates best of tactics to engage with audience. Also consider generating interest in your products and strengthen your brand message. The key is to ensure memorable experience making a huge impact on digital viewers.

Let’s Conclude

Social media makes for a very powerful source of ecommerce revenue. Hence, it is important to exploit the latest features present day social platforms have to offer.