Complete Tutorial How to use Facebook Power Editor Tool

Power Editor Tool is design by Facebook for the third parties advertiser’s, who want to do edit in multiple ads and campaign in bulk. It’s one kind of backup tool for you Facebook ads or create a new campaign for Facebook ads from power editor.

To use Power Editor, you’ll need to go to in the chrome browser on a desktop.

How To Create Facebook Ads Campaign via Power Editor:-

Go to create campaign => proceed with the basic step like name of your campaign, objective of your Facebook ads promotion and advert set name etc.

How To Create Facebook Advert Set via Power Editor :-

Advert set you can say Ad Group of Facebook Campaign which you have created already in above step. In Advert set we define Facebook targeting like Budget, Targeting, Schedule, Bidding and placement. In Google AdWords we can set budget on campaign level only, but in Facebook adverts we can allot budget on advert set (Adgroup) Level.

How To Create Facebook Advert (Ads) via Power Editor :-

Creates a business ad, we will recommend that create very creative to optimize which advert is preforming good. You can make max 50 adverts in every advert set. Always focus on advert with multi images rather than adverts with an image. And make sure that you have selected the right advert set.

Recommended image size: 1200 × 628 pixels
Recommended image ratio: 1.91:1
Your image may not include more than 20% text. (Use Grid tool for Facebook ads)

How does it work?

Make sure that you done with the Facebook ads creation. You will click on review changes to publish your changes. Even if your internet connection is go down, Power Editor automatically save your data on server and you can publish your campaign when you get back your internet connection. If you are handing multiple Facebook campaigns use Power Editor, and use ads manager for create your business ads.

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