Creating a Winning Social Media Marketing Strategy Using Expert Tips

Social media can make a huge impact on business growth online. When done right, it can contribute to success of your brand. Here are some tips to help you create a winning social media marketing strategy for your business:

Have Clear Goals

Many companies use social media just for marketing purposes because they are asked to do so. However, in most cases, they are clueless about why they are publishing content via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other social channels in the first place. So before you start, it is crucial to identify your goals.

Target Audience

All of your social media marketing efforts should be oriented the towards target audience. Update your social channels thinking of whether or not your post will engage these people.

Best Ways to Measure ROI

Most businesses fail to do so. You should use various methods to measure overall return on investment. Analyse exactly the number of leads on your website being generated by social media.


Your current strategy should be based on the data gathered from the analytics. In case, tweets or LinkedIn articles associated with a specific subject have performed well, try and explore these topics again in a fresh, more resourceful way. There are certain factors you should consider when tailoring your strategy. These include:

– Possibility of getting on-site content viewed by as many people as possible.
– The industry influencers you want to interact with.
– Things to do to encourage people to talk about your brand.
– Getting positive feedback from happy clients.
– Your capacity and skills to react to customer queries, criticism or handling a general chat from followers within a specific time-frame

Consumers are quite demanding, especially when it comes to social media interactions. In case, you fail to respond to their tweet or Facebook message in an hour, there are chances they may have negative feelings towards your brand. Hence, things should be taken care of in advance. A member of a social media marketing team should always be on toes to reply to all incoming messages without delay. The team should be flexible, creative and have a fair idea of how your brand needs to be represented in the public domain.

Tweet Well

You need to think well before you tweet. Most professional SMO service providers believe that tweeting in a hurry can result in some serious errors. Social media can be mean, very mean. It is a cruel place and mistakes are not forgiven. Errors go viral in a fraction of seconds. So make sure you don’t create embarrassing scenarios. Think well and tweet. Also, stay prepared for handling if things go wrong.

Creativity is Important

Make sure content posted on social media is perfectly in sync with your end goals. For successful campaigns, you need to stay updated with the latest industry trends. Always pinpoint news items or broadcasts that are spawning debate in your industry. You may jump into these conversations while offering an alternative perspective as and when required. Sharing relevant content will keep you on top of everything that’s happening in your area of expertise.

Running a Blog Parallel to your Social Accounts

Most part of social media strategy is linked to the content produced for the blog. Remember that you just have 140 characters to attract one’s attention on Twitter. However, if you are successful in offering them a link to something more significant to read, you win more chances to interact with them. No wonder headlines of articles are so important. Remember that there’s only a fine line between spammy clickbait and lackluster, boring titles. So you should focus on striking a balance.

Articles with titles that inform readers that they’re going to gather some tips from the articles and based on subjects that target audience will relate to do really well. Also ‘How to’ articles will never go out of fashion. In case, you can estimate the questions your target audience is asking, it is possible to grab their attention instantly by writing a piece that supplies the answers. Success on social media comes with strong research work and strategic planning. Focus on having an interesting, regularly-updated blog. This makes it easier to drive traffic from Twitter to your website. Also make sure your on-site content and social strategies are intertwined.

Lastly, it is very important to respond to customers who have left any negative feedback about your brand. This shows you are concerned and would do anything to keep your customers happy.

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