Some Advance Features That Make Facebook More Popular

Facebook and WhatsApp are the leaders in communication within the up to date society, tho’ there lies a definite distinction between them supported their purpose and functions. Facebook customer service is incredibly broad compared to WhatsApp. The key distinction between them is that Facebook is devoted to social networking associate degreed sharing all kinds of media and change friends of events and statuses whereas Whatsapp is an app specially designed for electronic communication and created to support smartphones.

Facebook has options like chatting, creating voice and video calls, on-line games, making teams, sharing media, events, Timelines, notification, like and comment options, news feeds are solely a number of. WhatsApp is additionally able to support few Facebook options like chat, call, sharing media and significantly electronic communication. allow us to take associate degree exhaustive inspect the options and distinction between Facebook and WhatsApp.

Facebook options

Facebook is one in every of the foremost valued corporations within the world, and it’s additionally price a fortune. This worth is another with the utilization of advertisements and Facebook strives to feature more options to its advertisements. Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg has been criticized many times for adding options to Facebook that cause privacy issues.

Events :may be a nice feature that has been integrated into Facebook. Events apprise birthdays of friends, helps in social life updates, and allows you to apprehend what your friends are up to. this is often a key feature within the social world because it notifies and brings along friends into events that they’re curious about.

Timeline: is additionally a key feature of Facebook. This feature provides a wider area than the sooner timeline that was unhappy. The timeline will be used for photos sharing, adding new friends and share a great deal of data and necessary contents. Some folks failed to just like the plan, however, there have been those that liked it in addition.

Social plugins let the Facebook user discuss notable topics and trends on famous newspapers and magazines. when a login has been created to the Facebook account, commenting will be done. Comments are going to be directly announce to the active page on Facebook.

The edge that Facebook has over alternative social media is once posting links, the content is another directly onto the post. this can save the user from clicking once more to look at the content and this protects time in addition. this is often true for articles, videos and footage.

Turning off notification is simple with Facebook. we tend to simply got to regulate the tab settings so as to show off this feature. If you favor to not learn regarding friends and what they’re up to, it’s simply a click aloof from what you’d like. invitations to play games will be turned off simply that typically are annoying.

Relationship standing may be a feature of Facebook that allows you to confirm if the person another in single, during a relationship, engaged or is receptive a relationship. To do this, the user should add the person as a devotee and when confirmation, he or she will browse their profile and notice relevant data.

The like button may be a distinctive feature of Facebook. within the past to approve one thing that was announced folks had to sort what they thought, however currently simply on clicking on form button can change the user to agree to/like a post.

Newsfeed is a very important feature that’s out there with Facebook. it’s helpful in adding standing updates, videos, links and likes to follow pages on Facebook. however once it absolutely was introduced there was a great deal of protests. when your time, the thought was accepted, and currently it’s unthinkable to not see and use this feature.

The most standard feature of Facebook is adding and sharing photos.


The number of negative impacts on Facebook is myriad and every effect will result in even additional negative effects. Addiction will result in the dearth of productive activities; privacy can lead to an leader selecting to not higher employment candidate; bullying can lead to depression and low shallowness. though it should appear clear that exploitation Facebook will go along with negative effects, many of us deny that there are negative effects related to the positioning. Some users United Nations agency are conscious of the numerous negative effects on the social networking website believe that just some users are affected. this might embody solely teenagers or people that may use the positioning without showing responsibility.

One thing ought to be done to reduce the amount of negative effects of Facebook. In associate degree interview, Southall aforesaid Facebook ought to realize some way to observe the number of your time a user spends on Facebook anytime so as to forestall addiction. Also, Facebook ought to create privacy settings additional clear and easier to use.

Using Facebook undoubtedly comes with negative effects, however not everybody United Nations agency uses the positioning is affected. several users are able to use the positioning responsibly by not posting an excessive amount of info and not outlay too much time on though the social networking website includes some negative effects, it’s still price exploitation. the positioning helps people keep connected to friends and family and share vital or exciting news to an outsized cluster of individuals. the positioning isn’t utterly negatively viewed, as long as a user is bothered however they’re exploitation it.

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