Latest Trends in Social Media Promotions

With every passing year or it can be considered as every passing day or week, new trends are emerging in social media platform. Digital marketing made this social media as one of the best ways to promote their business online. The new technologies and features implemented in social media are making it harder for the marketers to follow the exact strategies. But there is no need to worry; all you have to do is keep yourself updated with the latest social media trends. When you have a complete idea about the latest trends, it will be easy for you to do social media promotion.

Here are the latest trends that have been evolved in social media.

Video Content is Making Its Mark

A report given by Cisco Visual Networking Index has stated that 70% of the total traffic in the year 2015 belongs to video traffic only. They are projecting it that by 2020, the percentage will be increased to 80% and there is no reason to wonder about it as videos are the latest trend in social media market right now. In order to meet the expectations of marketers, even social media platforms are also inventing various new video features like 360o videos, live videos, stories and a lot more on various social media and messaging platforms. The companies are also taking the aid of videos to promote their business.

ChatBots to Improve CRM

Customer Relation Management plays an important role in online marketing. Everyone knows that social media brings the businesses close to the customer and so is the chatbots. The chatbots are used in most of the messaging apps. Usually, customers get fed up with the lack of good and commendable customer service. But the situation is different with the chatbots, it provides 24×7 customer support and helps in solving any issues that they are facing because of your products or services. It is the best way to get customer’s appreciation and trust too.

Prefer Personalized Content Rather Than Paid Ones

Paid content helps in market engaging, but with the changed algorithm in both Twitter and Facebook is making it hard for the businesses to reach people. As almost all companies are on social media, the tweets or posts regarding the particular issue isn’t able to sustain the traffic. And the changed algorithms are making it harder for the pages to attain reach. If you want to make your post reach more people, it is important for you to rely on personalized content which touches the customer as well as promotes your business.


In the marketing industry, it is important to adapt to the changes happening so that you won’t be left behind. Social Media Promotions are very important in this present society and you have to understand the latest trends in it in order to become successful.


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