Market Your Business on Facebook and Reach the Target Audience

Did you know that Facebook is the biggest social network around? Or, are you aware that this platform has a whopping 2.01 billion monthly active users? Did you know that Facebook is the biggest social network around? Or, are you aware that this platform has a whopping 2.01 billion monthly active users?

More importantly, shouldn’t you know that some 1.66 billion users access this social media website using their smartphone or other hand-held devices?

Well, these stats may not mean much to you if you’re only concerned with chatting with friends on this platform, sharing photos and watching videos. For businesses and brands, all the numbers quoted above hold immense significance.

And yes, a total of 65 million businesses, both small and big are benefiting from Facebook. All of them have a business page with the aim to grow and expand their base and target their audience in a better way.

Why Facebook matters a lot to businesses?

Well, social networks have changed the way business is done online. They have added a new dimension to reaching to audiences and catching their attention. With the kind of userbase it has, Facebook is clearly the leader of the pack and it matters a great deal to businesses for many reasons, including –

  • It’s the biggest social platform in the world for long
  • It has a humungous marketplace of buyers and sellers
  • The network caters all demographics and suit brands a great deal
  • No other social media site commands that extensive global coverage as it does
  • Its presence in phenomenal offering entities a wonderful opportunity to expand their reach
  • Your business can leverage its width and size to penetrate and expand worldwide in low cost

Benefits of marketing your business on Facebook 

Brands from across the world admit to have benefitted a great deal by associating themselves with Facebook. They have felt the difference in many ways and at many levels, including –

1 – Brand Awareness

Social networks in general and Facebook in particular are very helpful in ensuring brand awareness benefits. They have millions of users whom a business can reach and become more recognized than earlier. More the business becomes visible, more people will know and it will bring home benefits.

2 – Customer engagement

Social networks are a great way to boost the level of customer engagement and deliver value. So, your business can understand customers, get their feedback, deliver product updates, listen to their problems and reach in a position to serve them better.

3 – Referrals & Reviews

When on Facebook, your business, products and services will get reviews and more people will become aware of that. Your business page will generate interest among target audience who would then lead to referrals. This is how your base will expand and grow in a gradual manner.

4 – Web Traffic

[sociallocker]Businesses can benefit from the strong userbase of Facebook and boost traffic to their website. They can benefit from social media marketing, get people to like their pages, click on links and then reach to their sites. This is how the traffic grows and goals are met.[/sociallocker]

5 – SEO

Facebook is one of the best platforms to optimize your business website and its pages. Once this happens, you get to visible more and your site’s ranks go up in search engines. This is how targets are realized in an easy manner. —


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