The ABCs of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Are you a person who always move with the technology trend? If yes, then please give a hint on the latest technologies in popularity. Wait, let us look at your list. Okay, you have mentioned about machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain technology. As far as this article is concerned, you are going to learn the benefits and uses of artificial intelligence in one specific industry, marketing. You already know that AI has brought tremendous changes in many industries. In this article, let us discuss the ABC or the basic changes brought about by Artificial Intelligence in Marketing.

Artificial Intelligence

Let us not start from the basics. As you know, for the definition of Artificial Intelligence, in very simple words, it is an application which can do activities similar to humans. And if you search for the term “marketing AI or marketing Artificial Intelligence” you will get more than a million results in Google. Period. So, what do the numbers point out? Every SMB in any corner of the globe, are beginning to give importance to AI and that too when it comes to their marketing dimensions.

Let us imagine, you are working in a company which deals with AC repair in Hyderabad. To ensure that your company name gets to the top, the CEO has entered into a collaboration with a start-up which provides not only AC installation in Hyderabad but also repair. Now you are working in the marketing division. So, what should you know about AI in marketing?

• What are the new tools of marketing technology should you know about?
• What will be the budget for implementing these technologies?
• What is the time investment you need to have while implementation of the AI application?
• Which are the marketing functions that are better suited for AI in your company?

For a novice, AI is not a simple factor that can be seen from the front. For many low-level workers, AI is a technology which has come to replace their jobs. But in reality, As far as marketing AI is concerned, the professionals should gain more knowledge. To help you as well as them, our team has put forward a few questions, tactics for evaluation for marketing technology principles is given in this article.

Now let us go into the steps of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing one by one –

A. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing – Recommendation

How about an example? You shop for a bridal saree on Amazon or another reputed website. Now after you select a specific brand/style, you get notifications such as the previous person who bought the same saree also bought other items. If you are interested, you can follow the notifications and if necessary buy additional items. Now, this is a marketing gimmick made possible by AI.

Shall we demonstrate how? All over the globe, there are millions of people who shop on Amazon. Right? Now imagine the data to be collected. A specific person shop on Amazon goes to several pages and buys commodities. Where does all the information go? To the database. But who will analyze the data and arrange them properly? It is an AI.

B. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing – Automation Marketing

Now, this is also a different concept adopted by many companies only since recent times. In the marketing segment, social media platforms have become very popular. It has become mandatory for every company to have an account on every social media platform. The reason, customers prefer to check online rather than on brick and mortar stores. But even if you have a digital marketing team in your company, it will be cumbersome for an executive to post banners, advertisements, and images on all social media platforms.

So, what is the next option? You are right. It is automation. The automation software can post on several social media at the scheduled time as per the requirement. Yes, and that includes even ad campaigns and email marketing.

C. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing – For The Future

As digital marketing goes more popular, the tasks of marketing AI will only increase. But yes, there is also another factor. Not every marketing task will get completed automated by AI.

D. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing – Data Science

How will you define the topic? In a very short sentence, it is compiled data from a variety of sources. But it has to be arranged in perfect order so that the company professionals can make some decisions. So, let us take an example. You have implemented the AI algorithm on your website. Now, you can know the number of people visiting the website, the services/products they prefer, the weekday, traffic is more, and the places where you get most customers. Well, to be precise, you will get the data. But they will not be in a proper format. With the AI algorithm, the data can be arranged in a proper format. Now, you get to know the products/services that are most liked by the people. When you get the proper data regarding the age of customers who mostly prefer your services, don’t you think it is easy to design the posters and images for social media in the best manner?

E. Artificial Intelligence in Marketing – Email Marketing

Does the topic remind you of a spam mail in your Inbox? We are sorry, but cannot help give the information. Prior to a decade, you used to get emails to your Inbox spam folder. You considered them junk and hit the delete option. But have you recently checked an email which came for marketing? If you have one, kindly compare with the old email. Well, to cut a story short, let us note down the differences –

1. Old Marketing Emails

The earlier emails did not have a name. It usually came from an email which had a no-reply option. The subject and content were almost the same. The sight of similar emails made you angry.

2. Recent Marketing Emails

The email has your name. And if you are interested in the content, you can give a reply. Also, the content is personalized and provides a solution if you need assistance. You also do not get emails at any time. It will be sent as per your preferences. Now how does the email company get the info? By the AI algorithms.

• So, what are the other questions you need to ask when opting for AI marketing Tools or Software?
• Do I have information about the task that has to get AI-automated? Is it needed?
• Does my website or company generate more amount of data? Will the AI be able to handle data of my requirement?
• What are the other requirements that I need to procure along with the AI algorithms?


We hope you have gained enough information on the basics of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing. Do you have any doubts? If so, drop a question in the Comments section. And we will take it up in the next article.


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