Why and How Mobile Monitoring Application Works in Your Life

The widespread adoption of mobile phones and the internet has enhanced the importance of monitoring apps in our lives. Whether you are concerned about the mobile phone use of your children, spouse or workers, you can take support of the mobile monitoring app to supervise their smartphone usage. The high-tech spy apps allow spying on mobile phone conversations and internet use to ensure the online safety and productivity of your concerned ones. This article discusses the importance of mobile monitoring apps in the daily routines.

Role of Mobile Monitoring App in Child Monitoring

The monitoring or parental control app enables parents to protect their children from the potential dangers in real and online world. With the use of android spy apps, parents can keep track of android smartphone of their teens and tweens. They can supervise the online and offline chats without accessing their kids’ mobile phone devices. Once you install the mobile phone of your kid with mobile monitoring app, you can monitor and control several functions of the monitored phone via web portal of the spy app. Given are a few features of TheOneSpy android monitoring app that help understand the role of mobile monitoring app in child monitoring.

Track Social Media & Messengers

The popular social media apps and instant messengers including Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Tinder, Skype, Line, Viber and Hangout can be monitored with the help of android spy app. Parents can supervise their kids’ social media activities to protect them from bullying, online harassment, child predation, sexting and online crimes.

Track Messages & Calls

Do you know the android spy apps allow tracking messages and phone calls received and made by your kids? You can listen to their phone calls without accessing their phones. The spy app automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls and uploads recorded calls to the web portal. Moreover, the tracker app creates online backup of text messages, multimedia messages and instant messages sent and received via monitored phone.

Track GPS Location

You can track your kids to school and play areas to ensure their security. The android spy apps update the end-user about the current GPS location of the monitored device. Also, it provides location history to keep you aware of your kid’s every tour outside.

Track Media

The photos and videos stored on kids’ mobile phones can remotely be witnessed via web portal of the surveillance app. The monitoring of media files helps ensure that your kids do not expose of objectionable or sexually explicit stuff.

Role of Mobile Monitoring App in Spouse Monitoring

If you are suspicious of your partner having an extra-marital affair with someone, the mobile monitoring app helps you dig out the facts. You can track your partner’s online and offline chats to know whom they are dating with. The surround monitoring feature of high-tech android spy apps lets you monitor real-life activities of your partner. For instance, if your spouse is on a romantic date with his new crush, you can witness everything by remotely turning on the camera and microphone of your partner’s monitored android phone. There is more you can do to catch your cheating partner red-handed.

Role of Mobile Monitoring App in Employee Monitoring

The employers can increase the efficiency of their workers by preventing them from unproductive mobile phone, computer and internet use. The tracker app lets you witness almost every activity performed inside and outside the workstation. With mobile spy app, the employers can supervise marketing, sales and remote staff as well.


The advanced android spy app also acts as keylogger to provide you with username, passwords, email addresses and other confidential information of your employees. You can use this data to closely watch out the official online accounts of your workers without taking their devices into possession.

Screen Recorder

Whatever appears on the screen of the monitored mobile phone can be captured in form of short video or screenshots. You can send command for screen recording or screenshots via online control panel to remotely witness the cell phone activities of your workers.

Track Internet Usage

The spy app for android lets you access the internet browsing history of the monitored devices to know which websites are being visited and what sort of information is being queried.

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