How About the National Parks in Hawaii this Summer?

Summer is here and we all love planning our vacations. This is the time when we all are reminded of sandy shores, cool breeze, some tan and a lot of enjoyment in our own way. So the selection of destinations needs a lot of thinking and research work to do. To top it all, if you are interested for an international trip, then your planning has to be really strong. So to help you with a little bit of our travel expertise, we have decided to talk about the best national parks in Hawaii waiting for you to visit them and get tangled in their charms. Read along to know more about them!


Now if you are busy trying to pronounce the name, then we suggest you take some help from Google or YouTube because the name is not so easy to read. I have no idea how to explain you the pronunciation, but let me tell you that the name means “Place of refuge”. It is believed that when people in Hawaii broke any laws, they flee to this place to avoid being punished. It started with the defeated warriors who feared the consequences and ran to this place to avoid being punished for not winning the war. There are in fact many archaeological sites in this place like the remnants of the temple platforms, from fishponds that were once royal and the “Hale o Keawe”, which is a very famous Hawaiian temple that was constructed again. This park will invite you with its tropical weather and so you can rest peacefully on the white sands under the shade of coconut palms. Since Pu’uhonua o Honaunau national park is situated amidst the tropical lands and the cool, breezy Kuna Coffee belt areas, you have a great scope of snorkeling there. This place actually would offer you the best of the Hawaiian cultures combined with some crazy snorkeling sessions. So have fun at this place. So rush to this place as early as possible and make sure to be out of this place by 5pm.


Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is nestled between Hilo and Kona on the island of Hawaii. It is one of the majorly popular attractions in Hawaii: The Big Island. Tourists come here in large numbers seasonally, which keeps this place busy and full of fun activities going around. The best thing about Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is that you can sit back and watch the live active Volcanoes erupting here. The famous one is Kilauea, which can be seen from close and you don’t get this chance anywhere else on this planet. This is the only place! So you must give it a thought! You can rush to the Kilauea Visitor Center by 7:45am no matter what the day is but make sure to come out by 5pm. The Ranger Station, which is a link of craters road is usually open from 10am to 9pm. This way you can cover both of them in a day if you are in a hurry.


I understand that the names have become difficult to pronounce, but you can always learn how to say them out when you visit this place. The locals will teach you with a lot of patience and enthusiasm. It is said that Kamehamea-I was the one who built this place back in the year 1790.This was built as a tribute to the Lord Kūka’ilimoku who is the lord of wars. He started exploring early villages, thinking he would find some After building the temple, he set out to conquer the neighboring islands, in which he succeeded. This was actually the bright moment for Hawaii, as all the people united under King Kamehamea-I.


Kaloko holds responsibilities related to the ancient settlements in Hawaii. There are partitions of Hawaiian land divisions of Oceans and mountain called Ahupua’s. There are certain rock engravings present here, which are called petroglyphs scientifically and ki’i pohaku by the Hawaiians. Other than that, you get to see Kahuas or the house-platforms, Holuas that are none other than stone slides and Heiau which are places of worship. There are two beaches near Honokohau and they are Ai’opio and Honokohau. The waters are calm and serene here with plenty of trees to offer shade. This can be a perfect place for the kids to spend quality time. You can also go for snorkeling here.

So visit these perfectly beautiful national parks in Hawaii so that you don’t regret missing out on such magnificent places. Let Indian Eagle help you with your flight tickets as we have a lot of offers and deals for you to cut down on your ticket fares and spend more on your personal expenses. You will love it here. Bon Voyage!

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