Roseau: Exploring Dominica’s magnificent capital

Dominica is mostly obscured by natural rainforest with an intense verdant backdrop. From natural bubbling lake to narrow gorges, beautiful beaches and majestic waterfalls, Dominica enjoys being a bustling tourist spot.

Dominica passport is your ultimate opportunity to explore Roseau; a vibrant capital of the country that’s noisy, chaotic and charming. It stands on the coastal front of the Roseau River and as you move across the narrow streets, a distinct Reggae music can be heard clearly with people zipping pass, busy in their usual routine.

The streets are a perfect picture of historical wood-and-stone buildings; a blend of rundown constructs to absolutely elegant. The best way to explore Roseau is on foot and while you’re doing this, here’re a few places must to visit.

Public library

Funded by Andrew Carnegie; a US humanitarian, this marvellous building is constructed entirely from stone in 1906. From here, you can take in spectacular views of the sweeping sea or simply rest in the grassy area with stone benches. The State House is purely a white mansion boasting a vast lawn used for government’s official receptions whereas actual meeting take place in adjacent building known as Assembly Building.

The Old Mill Cultural Centre

The hub of Dominica’s cultural festivals as well as amazing displays of local artists takes place in the old sugar mill. It’s a short drive to the north of Roseau giving an unforgettable and delightful experience.

Dominica Museum

Small and interesting all through; the central museum is the best place to explore with a Dominica passport that outlines amazing country’s history and lifestyle. The displays are all informative delving into the slave trade tradition, the Carib and Creole culture.

Botanic gardens

Spread across 40-acre land, the lovely botanic gardens are sprawled with century palms, banyans, ficus trees and tropical flower shrubs. The expansive gardens are excellent to wander and enjoy a picnic whereas the Parrot Conservation and Research Centre is a must-see housing the rare Sisserou and Jaco parrots breed. Right on the backside is Jack’s Walk; a short and steep trail that’s half a mile long taking you right on the peak of Morne Bruce.

Old market

For the last 300 years, the Old Market has been the centre of major activities in all Roseau. The plaza is all clad in cobblestone and an epicentre of farmers markets, political meetings, social gatherings as well as a slave market. In present age, you’ll find a line of souvenir stalls festooned beautifully in multi-colours.

St. George’s Anglican Church

A site that you couldn’t ignore is right opposite to the Fort Young; the 19th century grey-shaded stone church reminds every one of the devastating Hurricane David in 1979. The storm left only the shell standing with the original roof replaced by a simple tin cover.

Morne Bruce

Morne Bruce is Dominica’s exclusive hillside cemetery and a final resting place of the former president. Though a queer place to explore, the panoramic vista of Roseau with utterly peaceful atmosphere and vast grassland right above the Botanic Garden is quite appealing!


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