Top Reasons to Travel to Dubai – Tours and Tourist Attractions

It leaves us at bay when we consider the transformation of the city. From a mere sand-down, it has become the major cosmopolitan in the states of UAE. The place is now famous for the innovative architectural constructions. The input of innovations has made all these buildings exotic show-pieces. The presence of shopping arcades and various luxurious hotels have made the city for the couples looking to spend their honeymoon holidays in some exotic place of beauty. The presence of appropriate management and infrastructure has indulged various tour operators from across the world organize attractive Dubai Tour Packages for people from their respective countries.

The city of Dubai

The city of Dubai, more popularly known as the Emirate of Dubai, is the 2nd largest among the seven UAEs. But the population is largest among all those. With the arrival of innovative large constructions, the dynamics has become has become one of the most transient and ever-changing one. The infusion of funding has been able to hire talents from across the world in diversified fields. These people have always striven to make the city more and more attractive and exploring with passage of time. The toughest competitor of the city in its innovative outgrow is the city itself. The continuous development and inventory regimes have made the city a favorable spot for tourists from across the globe.

The city has become an adored destination for honeymooners too. The various tourist attractions, the landmarks, the presence of international shopping centers, the exotic hotels are able to bring about lots of newlywed couples from various countries throughout the year.

The Culture

Despite the abode of trendy cultures, the city has always strict in keeping the traditional practices intact. Despite being within the province of UAE, it shows tolerance to other religions too. The ability to shield from extremism has made the city a safe shelter for people of other races and religions. The existence of the city as a preferred cosmopolitan has thus been able to go unhindered.

Visiting the attractions

The tour operators of the cheap Dubai packages promise the participants to let them visit all the valuable attractions ar best rate. People make equating responses to these offers.

The city of Dubai has been expanded along both banks of the creek and thus is divided into two parts. The northern part is named as Deira while the southern part has been given the name of Bur Dubai. These constitute top tourist destination of Jumeirah.

The attractions in this area include UMM Suqeim Beach, Al Mamzar Beach Park, JBR open beach, The Black Palace beach and the Kite beach. Of all, the dominating one is the Jumeirah.

Visit to the Jumeirah Beach Park

The park has been awarded with the Blue Flag certification for its ability to adhere to the strict International Standards. The park is a favorable destination for families as well as couples. The presence of desert garden, playground for children, cafes BBQs etc has made the area a beautiful venue for organizing picnic too. The panoramic view of the position has been lifted further with the presence of soft stretch of grass and golden sand.

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