Why India Is A Hotspot For Travel Photography?

India is considered as one of the best countries for travel photography. It is the land of colours, lush green vegetation, interesting characters, awe-inspiring stories, delicious foods, and so on. It’s a country that challenges photographers to be creative in the most unpleasant situations and offer visually appealing images.

India forces photographers to use and develop their skills for capturing soulful images. If you want to do a photography tour in India (which I feel is a must), then do a DSLR workshop before hand. It helps you to capture beautiful pictures even in the most unglamorous side of the country.

Why is India a great place for travel photography?

Let us find out the reasons that make India a great place for travel photography.

1. India is a canvas of beautiful and vibrant colours:

A simple trick to make your photos visually attractive is by adding colours to the frame. In India, there is no dearth of colours – glamourous costumes, colourful bangles, crowded markets, festivals, different rituals, foods and so on.

If you want to focus on colours, then visit the following states:


Words are not enough to describe the scenic beauty of Karnataka, Kerala, and Sikkim. The majestic forts of Rajasthan, the colourful attires and bangles worn by people are also well-known to everybody. And, what do I say about Gujarat? You have to visit the state during Navratris and participate in Garba to understand what I mean.

2. India’s landscape is a visual delight

India is a land of visual delight when it comes to landscapes. You can click pictures of the snow-clad Himalayas, the seasonal salt marsh in Rann of Kutch, the yellow desert in Rajasthan, the rocky mountains in the Western Ghats, the green backwaters in Kerala, the beautiful islands in Andaman and Nicobar islands, and so on. The man-made structures are beautiful too.

If you want to capture beautiful pictures of the landscape, then don’t forget to visit these states:

Jammu and Kashmir – snow-clad mountains
Kerala – backwaters
Gujarat – Rann of Kutch
Sikkim, Meghalaya – lush green trees, waterfalls,
Karnataka – rocky mountains

If you want to click awe-inspiring pictures of man-made structures, then visit

Agra – Taj Mahal and other forts
Karnataka – Hampi
Tamil Nadu – Beautiful temples
Madhya Pradesh – Khajuraho temples
Rajasthan – Majestic forts

3. India is a land of interesting characters

Who doesn’t know about Indian beauty? It’s a photographer’s delight. Indian faces are photogenic, real and interesting. The photographers can easily capture frowns, smiles, through the powerful lens of their DSLR.

If you want to click pictures of interesting and beautiful faces, then visit these states,

West Bengal

4. India is a land of age-old stories

The best part of photographing India is its age-old stories. It’s impossible to capture India’s soul without mingling with its people and exploring their various traditions. Art, architecture, delicious cuisines, dance forms, festivals, etc. give age-old stories to travel photographers. The best places to capture the essence of India in frames are Rajasthan and Kutch.


One article is not enough to describe why India is a marvellous place for travel photography. The contrast between the lazy pace of rustic rural life and the fast pace of urban life is too amazing for a travel photographer. The exuberance of various festivals across the country is too grand to ignore. Be it Durga Puja in West Bengal, or Dandiya dance in Gujarat, or Ganesh Puja in Maharashtra, or Chat Puja in Bihar or Pongal in Kerala; the magnificence of these festivals can only be captured in a powerful DSLR. It would be a crime to not take pictures of these festivals as a photographer. Don’t you think so?

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