Know how much bandwidth does your site need?

There are multiple factors that need to be considered while selecting a web hosting provider. Price is an ultimate factor that everyone considers when they compare the plans of different providers. But most of them fail to judge the provider just because of pricing factor. However, there are many other factors that are required to consider for e.g., amount of bandwidth included in your plan, SSD drive space, numbers of email accounts, etc. Nowadays, most of the providers are offering a free domain for a lifetime and free SSL certificate. In the same way, if you are looking to host a website then you must have faced this question that how much amount of disk space is required for your website? Let’s break down what is bandwidth and how much you need?

What is bandwidth?

It is observed that most of them tend to be confused between the term bandwidth and data transfer. Bandwidth is the count of maximum data that can be transferred is calculated in seconds. Whereas in the data transfer sum of data to be transferred; while bandwidth is the rate of the data transfer. In short, it is the sum of the visitors that you have on your sites.

You will get the amount of bandwidth that is estimated in the plan by your hosting providers. The more amount of bandwidth a web host is going to offer to your site, the faster and better your website will perform.

To get a clear idea about the bandwidth, you can assume a number of seats available in a bus and passenger will be the traffic. So, the number of seat bus has, the more passenger can travel at any given time.

The unlimited term bandwidth:

You must have come across with the term called “Unlimited bandwidth” as part of the hosting plan. Generally, unlimited bandwidth means you can transfer data as much as you can without any issue. But, it’s just a buzz word that most of the host provider use to attract the users. In short, it is all about money and you charged extra if you start over-consuming the resources.

In reality, a limit is set on how much web hosting plan can provide a bandwidth. Whenever bandwidth increases the provider will charge you for hidden costs.

Determine your bandwidth:-

Before selecting a plan it is necessary to check the flow of activities on your website. If you are starting a new website then it is obvious that it will take time to get visitors to the site. Once you start receiving a good amount of traffic on the website then it’s time to get switched on Cheap VPS Server Dedicated, as that plan offers a good amount of bandwidth.

After that, you have to monitor the actual monthly bandwidth usage and plan accordingly to get the bandwidth to your website. Below are some tips that can help you to determine the bandwidth easily.

1) Monitor the website mean web page size that is calculated in kilobytes. You can use any tool that is available at free of cost for testing.

2) After that multiply the mean page size with the mean number of visitors visiting per month. This information you will get easily from Google analytics.

3) Last but not least, multiplying the result of 2nd option with an average page view per visitors.

As I said above, this calculation will help you to know how much bandwidth is expected for usage. This will not solely help you to know about the bandwidth as you required to monitor challenges and opportunities.

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