List of Freely Available White Board Tools

With the technological advancement and increasing usage of web technology, there’s a latest trend in professional web design company of whiteboard animation has been digitized. It is utilized by various sectors including education, advertisement, presentations and several marketing & ecommerce fields. It’s not easy & convenient for the user to become familiar or find reliable whiteboard tools. The user need tools with powerful features and considering these factors, there are multiple online tools available online. And here we are listing down online whiteboard tools which are reliable for the user: has taken many features and functionalities from its predecessor and added multiple tools in its current version including drawing, editing, voice communicating, chatting, social media integration with saved image. This tool offers free as well as paid versions. Free version combines less features and it doesn’t guide you with its working. It also enables you to save & share files.

This tool has user-friendly interface which is most striking feature of it. It combines replay function that allows you to replay everything quickly whichever has been done to create a white board drawing or an integrated representation of figures. The web developers use it down offline although it allows you to build interactive and engaging whiteboard for effective information presentation. But it doesn’t include all necessary tools.

It includes effective features & functionalities as like other freely available tools but the only disadvantage of this tool is the lack of interaction between the user and whiteboard. And it is the reason that it doesn’t gained popularity.

This whiteboard tool would ask you to select a paid plan ranging from $8 to $200 on monthly basis for at least 100 users. Its online app is also interactive as well as supports video & library functions, which allows interaction between the student and whiteboard. Except these all, you can save the drawing too.


It is a real time online collaboration tool. It combines simplicity and accessibility in nature. You don’t need to work on complex firewalls, no need of download & plugins, and no need of advanced scheduling.

The students utilize interactive whiteboards for education aspect and businesses for advertisement, e marketing and offers one stop solution to web professionals for webinars, online seminars, video conferencing, online meetings, screen sharing, and cloud video conferencing, in real time.

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